EGRG activities are organised by a committee of volunteers working in Geography Departments across the UK and beyond, each typically serving for 3 years.  Elections to the Committee happen at our AGM, held each year at the RGS-IBG Conference.

Jenny Johns

EGRG Chair – Jennifer Johns

Jenny is a Reader in International Business in the School of Management, University of Bristol, with interdisciplinary research interests centred on network approaches to economic development, entrepreneurship and innovation. Her current research focuses on transparency in cocoa and garments supply chains and the Modern Slavery act and the transformation of global production networks through the increased adoption of additive manufacturing (3D printing).

For more information, see Jenny’s website at the University of Bristol.

EGRG Secretary – Chris Mullerleile 

chris muellerleile

Chris Muellerleile

Chris is an economic geographer at the University of Swansea. His research interests include financialisation, political economy of markets, knowledge and information economies, and open access publishing.  Chris completed his PhD at University of Wisconsin-Madison and was previously Marie Curie Research Fellow in the School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol

For more information, see Chris’s website at the University of Swansea.

Sarah Marie Hall

Sarah Marie Hall

EGRG Treasurer – Sarah Marie Hall

Sarah’s research interests focus on: ethics and consumption in everyday life, families and intimate relationships, and developing ethnographic techniques. She is currently Hallsworth Research Fellow at the University of Manchester,  researching an ethnography of how families get by in times of recession and austerity.  Sarah completed a PhD looking at ethics and consumption in families, schools and companies at the University of Liverpool.

For more, see Sarah’s website at the University of Manchester.

Steve Wood

EGRG PhD Prizes Officer – Steve Wood

Steve’s research interests are in the the economic geography of retailing (particularly related to retail store locations, portfolio management, retail centres and places; retail land-use planning policy, retail regulation, retail competition policy, retail supply chains and sourcing networks etc.).  He is Professor of Retail Marketing and Management at the University of Surrey.

For more, see Steve’s website at the University of Surrey

EGRG Postgraduate Representatives – Dominic Obeng and Nora Lanari

Dominic Obeng

Dominic is a human geographer and a part-time doctoral student at the University of Leicester. His research interests are diverse and interdisciplinary, but primarily focused on how digital technologies shapes globalisation, cosmopolitanism, migration, diaspora, transnationalism, postcolonialism, social networks, citizenship, and participation. His PhD research is an exploration into the complex ways that digital technologies shape identity expression and solidarity networks within the Ghanaian diaspora.

Nora Lanari

Nora’s research interests focus on how economic activities influence environmental management and governance. She is currently in her second year as a PhD candidate at Coventry University’s Centre for Business in Society (CBiS). Her research explores how the export-oriented agricultural industry influences water governance in South Africa through a scale-sensitive lens. Nora completed her BSc and MSc in Geography at the University of Bern in Switzerland and has work and research experience in Western Europe and Eastern and Southern Africa.

For more, see Nora’s website at CBiS, Coventry University.

Karen lai

Karen lai

EGRG International Officer – Karen Lai

Karen is an economic geographer with research interests in financial geography, specifically: geographies of money and finance, global cities, service sectors, markets and political economy, focusing particularly on issues of networks, knowledge, regulation, and economic development in Asia.  Karen received her Bachelor and Master degrees in Geography from NUS, and PhD in Economic Geography from the University of Nottingham (UK). She is currently working on a research project entitled: The making of financial subjects: investigating financial knowledge and practices in Singapore’s financial advisory industry.

For more, see Karen’s website at the National University of Singapore

Emil Evenhuis

EGRG Events Officer – Emil Evenhuis

Emil Evenhuis is a Research Associate in the Department of Geography at Cambridge University. He completed his PhD at Newcastle University (2016), examining how old industrial regions have adapted to deindustrialisation. In particular, he is comparing the evolution and role of governance arrangements and policies in the old steel regions of Teesside (UK) and South Saarland (Germany) since the steel crisis in the 1970s / early 1980s. Emil holds Master’s degrees in Economics and in Philosophy, and a BA in Modern Japan Studies; all at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

For more, see Emil’s profile at Cambridge University

Alexandra Dales

Alexandra Dales

EGRG Early Careers Officer – Alexandra Dales (nee Buckland-Wright)

Alexandra is a Lecturer in Business and Management based at York St John University. Her research interests include global production networks, processes of retail globalisation, and the expansion (and latterly contraction) of transnational retail firms and their impact on host economy retail sectors. She completed her PhD at The University of Manchester in 2016. Her doctoral research examined processes of retail market transformation in Southeast Asia and the role of state-regulatory and retail firm strategies in producing sectoral variegated capitalisms.

For more, see Alexandra’s profile at York St John University

Sarah Hall

EGRG Ordinary Member – Sarah Hall

Sarah is a Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Nottingham. Her work explores: the contemporary transformation of the financial system and its implications for finance led economic development; elite financial labour markets; international financial centres and new forms of financial globalisation associated with currency internationalisation. 

For more, see Sarah’s profile at the University of Nottingham.

Al James

EGRG Web Officer – Al James

Al is Reader in Economic Geography at Newcastle University, with research interests in labour geographies, gendered work-lives, social reproduction, and gig work in the platform economy.  He has been EGRG Web Officer for two 3-year stints and counting, but through successive EGRG AGMs has still not yet been voted off!  

For more, see Al’s profile at Newcastle University