In the Business of Economic Geography

OBJECTIVES mobility 3

  1. To enumerate the scale of the migration of economic geographers to business and management in the UK context.

  2. To investigate the role of economic geography (and geographers) in the teaching and research activities of UK business and management.

  3. To explore the motivations for economic geographers to make these moves.

  4. To explore the impact of such moves on the research and publishing activities of economic geographers located in business and management.

  5. To consider the implications of this move for teaching, research and capacity building in UK economic geography.

  6. To consider the labour market/capacity implications in relation to the (non)replacement of economic geographers in UK geography departments.

Key Contacts: Mike Bradshaw (Warwick), Al James (QMUL), Neil Coe (NUS), James Faulconbridge (Lancaster), Catherine Souch (RGS-IBG). With valued RGS-IBG intern support from Anna Geatrell (LSE)