RGS-IBG Conferences Gone By

2013: New geographical frontiers

Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 August 2013 (with an opening event on Tuesday 27 August 2013), at the RGS-IBG and Imperial College London

Conference chair: Jonathan Rigg (Durham University)

EGRG sponsored a full programme of economic geography sessions at AC2013, including:

  • The Economic Resilience of Regions: Concept and causes
  • Investment Patterns in Post Recession Cities
  • Economic Geographies of Low Carbon Transitions: Interrogating the notion of Inclusive Green Growth
  • Advancing the understanding of regional economic adaptability
  • Integrating finance into Global Production Networks
  • The political geography of private-sector recruitment and employment in conflict settings
  • Designing Mobility: Mobilising design
  • Competing space-times of decision-making and uneven spatial development: the geography of finance and real estate
  • Austerity and urban governance: Living through welfare change
  • Economic Change and Children, Youth and Families: Current Experiences and Future Frontiers

For more information please contact the Secretary (s.musson@reading.ac.uk)