Submissions for EGRG undergraduate dissertation prize 2022

A prize of £50 is offered each year for the best undergraduate dissertation in economic geography.

Nominated dissertations should be: 

  • An innovative theoretical and/or empirical piece of work in economic geography;
  • Usually 8,000 words or more in length
  • Submitted for formal assessment in the current academic year (2021/2022) to a UK Higher Education Institution for a BA/BSc level geography degree programme;
  • Include a full set of references and images (as relevant); 
  • In PDF format;
  • Written in English.

Please note that a department may not submit more than one entry and nominated dissertations should not be submitted for consideration for any other RGS-IBG prizes.

Please send your nominated undergraduate dissertations to the EGRG Prizes Officer: (Dr Alexandra Dales)

Deadline: 15 July 2022