EGRG Dissertation Prizes

Over the years, the EGRG has awarded prizes for PhD, Master and  Undergraduate dissertations, conference and published papers, as well as travel awards.


PhD Prize: Nora Lanari (Coventry University)
‘The influence of global agricultural production networks on water governance’

Undergraduate Prize: Bing Yang Tan (University College London)
‘Exploring the workers journey for a better ride: A curiosity-led qualitative study on food delivery drivers experiences in Singapore’.


PhD Prize: Misbah Khatana (Cambridge University)
‘Navigating gendered space: The social construction of labour markets in Pakistan’


PhD Prize: Victoria Barker (Coventry University, now at Derby University)  On the creative ecosystem: investigating ecosystem approaches through the creative sector’


PhD Prize: Julie Ann Delos Reyes (University of Manchester)
‘Mining Shareholder Value: Financialisation, Extraction and the Geography of Gold Mining’

Runner Up PhD Prize: Liam Keenan (Newcastle University)
‘Financialisation, Brewing and the Changing Role of the Pub in Britain and Germany’

Undergraduate Prize: Simon Hardy (Queen Mary University of London)
‘Race to precarity: an investigation into the risk-lade mobilities performed by Deliveroo’s bicycle couriers’


PhD Prize: Chloe Billing (University of Birmingham)
‘Satellites, Rockets and Services: A Place for Space in Geography?’

Runner Up PhD Prize: Emil Evenhuis (Newcastle University, then to Cambridge University)
‘The Political Economy of Adaptation and Resilience in Old Industrial Regions: A Comparative Study of South Saarland and Teesside’

Undergraduate Prize: Holly Campbell (University College London)
‘Moments of Progress: An exploration of the interaction between female enterprise and patriarchal norms in Selcuk,Turkey’


PhD PrizeErica Pani (Queen Mary, University of London)
‘Emerging Economic Geographies of Higher Education: A Complex Negotiation of Value and Values in the Face of Market Hegemony’

Runner Up PhD PrizeMatthew Alford (University of Manchester)
‘Public governance and multi-scalar tensions in global production networks: crisis in South African fruit’

Undergraduate prizePhoebe Kitchen (Durham University)
‘Civic Crowdfunding: A UK-centric multidimensional analysis’


PhD Prize: Aidan Wong (Queen Mary, University of London, then to National University of Singapore)
‘The Politics of Urban Waste Collection and Recycling Global Production Networks in Singapore and Malaysia’

Undergraduate Prize: Harriet Lawrence (Durham University)
‘Follow the Thing: The Ethical Avocado?’


Undergraduate prize: Yasmin Merican (University of Edinburgh)
‘All food is ethical: exploring the negotiation of everyday ethics and ethical food’


Undergraduate prize: Claude Risner (Queen Mary, University of London)
‘Pyka pyky moet (a hand washes a hand)’


Phd Prize: Sarah M Hall, (University of Liverpool).
‘Exploring and Articulating Ethics in Consumption: A Multi-Method Analysis of the Ethics of Consumption’.


Phd Prize: Laurent Frideres, (University of Cambridge).
“Spatial Industrial Clustering and Competitive Advantage: Comparing Firms Inside and Outside Industry Clusters”.
Masters: Luisa Gagliardi, (London School of Economics).
“On the Engine of Innovation: Labour Mobility and Knowledge Spillovers”.


Phd Prize: David Jordhus-Lier (University of Manchester, then to the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research).
“The Practice of Neoliberalism: Responses to public sector restructuring across the labour-community divide in Cape Town”.

Masters: Etienne LeBlanc (London School of Economics).
“Can enterprise zones deliver local jobs to local people? The impact of the French Zones Franches Urbaines on local unemployment”.


Phd Prize: Karen Lai (University of Nottingham, then to University of British Columbia).
“Approaches to ‘Markets’: The Development of Shanghai as an International Financial Centre” [View abstract].

Masters: Lucie Edwards (Newcastle University).
“NewcastleGateshead Place Marketing and the Attraction of a Creative Class” [View abstract].

Working Paper Prize: Franz Huber (University of Cambridge).
Social capital of economic clusters: towards a network-based conception of social resources


Phd Prize: Simon Turner (Durham University, then to Department of Public Health & Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine).

“Learning in doing: the social anthropology of innovation in a large UK organisation” [View abstract].

Masters: Sarah Marie Hall (University of Liverpool).
“Developing moral identities: articulating ethics in family consumption” [View abstract].

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Phd Prize: Andrew Currah (Cambridge University then to Oxford University).
“The Internet gift economy: a study of socio-technological change in the US film industry” [View abstract].

Masters: Pedro Marques (CURDS, Newcastle).
“Regional paths to the knowledge economy: can all regions be knowledge based?” [View abstract].


Phd Prize: James Faulconbridge (University of Loughborough, then to University of Lancaster).
“Local-global geographies of tacit knowledge production in London and New York’s advertising and law professional service firms”

Masters: Will Harvey (Cambridge University).
“Highly-skilled migration: An analysis of immigrant networks in biotechnology”


Phd Prize: Jennifer Johns (University of Manchester).
“Tracing the connections: Manchester’s film and television industry”

Best MA Dissertation: Riccardo Crescenzi, (Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Dipartimento Di Economia).
“Innovation and regional growth in the Enlarged Europe: the role of local innovative capabilities, peripherality and education”.


Phd Prize: Al James (Cambridge University).
“Regional culture, corporate strategy, and high tech innovation: Salt Lake City” [View abstract]

MA Prize: Marion Traub-Werner,
“Free trade and the performance of neo-liberalism”.


Travel award: Jane Holgate, (QMW).


Travel award: Martin Bickl, (University of Durham).


Best conference paper in economic geography: Anthony Vigor, (University of Manchester).

Best published paper in economic geography: Danny MacKinnon, (University of Aberdeen).


Travel award: Steve Wood, (University of Southampton) to travel to AAG in Pittsburgh.


Best conference paper in economic geography: Paul Bennett, (Oxford University).

Best published paper in economic geography: Martin Jones, (University of Aberystwyth).


Best conference paper in economic geography: Karen Bakker, (Oxford University).

Best published paper in economic geography: Henry Yeung, (N U Singapore).

Travel awards: Andrew Lincoln (University of Southampton), Adam Holden (University of Manchester) and Anna Davies (University of Manchester) All to attend the AAG in Boston.


Best conference paper in economic geography: Christian Berndt (Cambridge University) and Shaun French, (University of Bristol).

Best published paper in economic geography: Neil Coe, (University of Durham).

Travel awards: Mike Raco, Royal Holloway (to visit the USA), Kevin Ward, (University of Manchester) to visit Ireland.