Book reviews

book-show74The Book Review series charts major publications in Economic Geography and, where relevant, in cognate disciplines. The aim is to cut the time lag between the publication of a book and the appearance of the review in academic journals.

Thematic Reviews
  • Mirror the themes of the EGRG’s Annual Symposium
  • e.g. ‘economic geographies of post-socialist transition’, ‘global commodity chains, global value chains and global production networks’, ‘teaching economic geography’
General Reviews
  • Ad hoc reviews, commissioned by the EGRG or offered by authors for publication on the website.
  • Reviews should normally be around 1000 words in length and will be made available  via this section of the website.

If you have books of interest to readers, want to review a particular book, or would like to respond to a review published on the site, either as author or reader, please contact the EGRG committee. The EGRG strongly holds to an inclusive view of reviews and positively encourages debates which reflect the complex ways in which texts are read.

Please note: The contents of book reviews remain the responsibility of their author and no implication should be drawn that the views expressed are necessarily shared by the committee or membership of the Economic Geography Research Group.

The reviews are © Economic Geography Research Group, but non-exclusive permission is granted to print out and reproduce them (electronically or otherwise) for research and teaching purposes within educational institutions as long as the source is acknowledged in full, and also for anybody to print out any of the pages for their own personal use. Permission is NOT automatically granted for any other reproduction and in such circumstances you should contact the group’s secretary.