2011 Reviews

International Business Travel in the Global Economy
Edited by Jonathan Beaverstock, Ben Derudder, James Faulconbridge and Frank Witlox.
reviewed by Bodo Kubartz.
The Moving Frontier: The Changing Geography of Production in Labour-Intensive Industries
Edited by Lois Labrianidis.
reviewed by Vanessa Parlette.
Theories of Local Economic Development: Linking Theory to Practice
Edited by James Rowe.
reviewed by Pedro Marques.
The Economic Geography of the UK
Edited by Neil M. Coe and Andrew Jones.
reviewed by Reijer P. Hendrikse.
The Economic Geography of Air Transportation
by John Bowen.
reviewed by Erin Pritchard.
Globalizing Regional Development in East Asia: Production Networks, Clusters and Entrepreneurship
Edited by Henry Wei-Chung Yeung.
reviewed by Allison Wylde.