2001 Reviews

A United Kingdom? Economic, Social and Political Geographies,
by John Mohan.
reviewed by Danny MacKinnon.
Conflict and cooperation in participatory natural resource management,
Roger Jeffery and Bhaskar Vira (Eds.).
reviewed by Frank Rennie.
Dissident geographies: An introduction to radical ideas and practice,
by Alison Blunt and Jane Wills (2000).
reviewed by Mick Charlton.
The associative economy: insights beyond the welfare state and into post-capitalism,
by F. Archibugi (2000).
reviewed by Colin C Williams.
Statistical methods for geography,
by P.A.Rogerson (2001).
reviewed by Kevin Mole.
Knowledge, space, economy,
edited by Bryson, J. R., Daniels, P. W., Henry, N. and Pollard, J. (2000).
reviewed by Paul Benneworth.
A companion to economic geography,
edited by Eric Sheppard and Trevor Barnes (2000).
reviewed by Anthony Vigor.