2010 Reviews

Global Cities at Work: New Migrant Divisions of Labour
Edited by Jane Willis, Kavita Datta, Yara Evans, Joanna Herbert, Jon May and Cathy McIlwaine.
reviewed by David Manley.
Managing Financial Risk: From Global to Local
Edited by Gordon L. Clark, Adam D. Dixon and Ashby H.B Monk.
reviewed by Ben Spigel.
Critical Reflections on Regional Competitiveness, Routledge Studies in Human Geography
By Gillian Bristow.
reviewed by Sioned Pearce.
The Social Economy: International perspectives on Economic Solidarity
Edited by Ash Amin.
reviewed by Doug Lionais.
Creative Cities, Cultural Clusters and Local Economic Development
Edited by Philip Cooke and Luciana Lazzeretti
reviewed by Roberta Comunian. 
Remaking Regional Economies. Power, Labor, and Firm Strategies in the Knowledge Economy
by Susan Christopherson and Jennifer Clark.
reviewed by Katariina Ala-Rämi. 
Evolutionary Economic Geography: Location of production and the European Union
by Miroslav Jovanovic.
reviewed by Allison Wylde.
Business Networks in Clusters and Industrial Districts. The governance of the global value chain
by Fiorenza Belussi and Alessia Sammara (Eds).
reviewed by Grete Rusten.
The New Introduction to Geographical Economics
by Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen and Charles Van Marrewijk.
reviewed by Vítor Braga.
The Trouble With Capitalism: An Enquiry into the Causes of Global Economic Failure
by Harry Shutt.
reviewed by Andrew Johnston.