2008 Reviews

The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization,
edited by Giovanna Vertova.
reviewed by Tim Vorley
A Sociology of Globalization,
by Saskia Sassen.
reviewed by R. Comunian.
Cities in a World Economy,
by Saskia Sassen.
reviewed by Corinne Nativel.
Deciphering the Global: Its Scales, Spaces and Subjects,
edited by Saskia Sassen.
reviewed by Henry Wai-chung Yeung.
Globalization Theory: Approaches and Controversies,
edited by David Held and Anthony McGrew.
reviewed by Karen Lai.
Regional Competitiveness,
edited by Ron Martin, Michael Kitson and Peter Tyler.
reviewed by Andrew Johnston.
Creative Regions: Technology, Culture and Knowledge Entrepreneurship,
edited by Philip Cooke and Dafna Schwartz.
reviewed by Roberta Comunian.
Knowledge-based Services, Internationalisation and Regional Development,
edited by James W.Harrington and Peter W.Daniels.
reviewed by Pawel Capik.
Geographies of the New Economy: Critical Reflections,
edited by Peter Daniels, Andrew Leyshon, Mike Bradshaw and Jonathan Beaverstock.
reviewed by Karen Lai.
Regional Knowledge Economies Markets, Clusters and Innovation,
by Philip Cooke, Carla De Laurentis, Franz Todtling, Michaela Trippl.
reviewed by Atle Hauge.
New Directions in Economic Geography,
edited by Bernard Fingleton.
reviewed by Frank van Oort.
World City,
by Doreen Massey.
reviewed by Henry Yeung.