2004 Reviews

Alternative Economic Spaces,
edited by A. Leyshon, R. Lee and C.C. Williams.
reviewed by Kevin Thomas.
Reading Economic Geography,
edited by T. J. Barnes, J. Peck, E. Sheppard, and A. Tickell.
reviewed by Vassilis Monastiriotis.
Local Enterprises in the Global Economy Issues of Governance and Upgrading,
edited by Hubert Schmitz, and Edward Elgar.
reviewed by Diane Perrons.
Service Worlds: People, organisations and technologies,
by John R. Bryson, Peter W. Daniels and Barney Warf.
reviewed by Peter Wood.
De-Coca-Colonization: Making the globe from the inside out,
by Steven Flusty.
reviewed by Henry Wai-chung Yeung.
Remaking the Global Economy: Economic-Geographical Perspectives,
edited by J Peck and H Yeung.
reviewed by David Gibbs.
Bridging the Global Digital Divide,
by Jeffrey James.
reviewed by Andrew Murphy.
The Consumer Society and the Postmodern City,
by David B. Clarke.
reviewed by Laura Neher.