2007 Reviews

Politics and Practise in Economic Geography,
Edited by Adam Tickell, Eric Sheppard, Jamie Peck and Trevor Barnes.
reviewed by Ebru Cigdem Thwaites.
Local and Regional Development,
by Andy Pike, Andrés Rodrìguez-Pose and John Tomaney.
reviewed by Roberta Comunian.
Economic Geographies: Circuits, Flows and Spaces,
by Ray Hudson.
reviewed by Arnoud Lagendijk and Roos Pijpers.
Economic Geography: A Contemporary Introduction,
edited by Neil Coe, Philip Kelly and Henry Yeung.
reviewed by Oli Mould.
Global Shift: Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy,
by Peter Dicken
reviewed by Karen Lai.
Geographies of Commodity Chains,
edited by Alex Hughes and Suzanne Reimer.
reviewed by Jennifer Johns.
Economic Geography, Past, Present and Future,
edited by Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen and Helen Lawton Smith
reviewed by James R Faulconbridge and Adrian Smith.
Building Knowledge Regions in North America,
by Leonel Corona, Jérôme Doutriaux and Sarfraz A. Mian
reviewed by Peter Karl Kresl.
The Global Cities Reader,
edited by Neil Brenner and Roger Keil
reviewed by John Harrison.