Thanks to RGS-IBG summer interns for research support

The EGRG would like to express its thanks to the RGS-IBG summer interns who have provided research support for Phase 3 of the EGRG project ‘In the Business of Economic Geography’. Thank you to Marie Gallagher, Emily Brunton, Jemma Hulbert, Patrick Chorley, Douglas Jenkins, Arif Hussein, and Isabelle Green for all their hard work in transcribing the interviews.

Recent years have witnessed a noticeable migration of economic geographers from Departments of Geography (or Geography programmes more broadly defined) to Business and Management and related research centres.

The aim of this research project is to assess the scale of this trend and its broader implications for teaching, research and capacity building in Economic Geography, and its consequences for Human Geography in the UK.

Check out the project webpages for more detail:

This project is financially supported by the EGRG and RGS-IBG and focuses specifically on UK Economic Geography in the first instance.

Key Contacts: Mike Bradshaw (Warwick), Al James (QMUL), Neil Coe (NUS), James Faulconbridge (Lancaster), Catherine Souch (RGS-IBG).  With valued RGS-IBG intern support from Anna Geatrell (LSE).