In the Business of Economic Geography

Project Phase 3 – spring / summer 2016 (ARCHIVE)

To carry out in-depth semi-structured interviews with a purposive sample of economic geographers that are now located in business and management.  These interviews will:

  • Examine the complex trade-offs and decision-making process that underpin the patterns of mobility identified in the Phase 2 survey data.
  • Explore colleagues’ lived experiences of moving in relation to: valuing economic geography research, managerial / administrative role expectations, relative promotion prospects, intermediation by head hunters, and gender.
  • Critically examine the role of REF in generating new cross-disciplinary labour market structures of opportunity and constraint for economic geographers.
  • Compare the lived experiences of early first movers with those of more recent movers, to examine the significance of role model support.
  • These interviews will be carried out by the research team and transcribed through RGS-IBG intern support. ¬†EGRG is extremely grateful to Marie Gallagher, Emily Brunton, Jemma Hulbert, Patrick Chorley, Douglas Jenkins, Arif Hussein, and Isabelle Green for all their hard work in transcribing the interviews.