News Resources

UK and Irish

  • The Guardian. The paper that called Neil Hamilton MP a liar and a cheat – and got away with it. The web site has very little news, but has two on-line magazines (one based on the Thursday science and computers supplement and the other a style-mag) and some further background to news stories in the paper (such as MPs’ outside interests and the destruction of the BBC world service).
  • Financial Times. The Financial Times is updated daily and carries a selection of the stories in the paper, as well as other info. Registration is necessary. … but free. The Financial Times pages also have a powerful boolean search engine for 20 stories over the previous month. One of the best pages on the Web.
  • Economist. The Economist’s web page gives full access to The Economist’s own brand of liberal political economics, through selected articles from each issue, as well as full text access to some of the Economist’s surveys. Pulling down surveys takes more time than buying a copy – but they keep them on for months afterwards. It also has an unrestricted boolean search engine – how many times has the mag. used the phrase ‘rogue trader’?
  • Daily Telegraph. was the first of the British papers to get a presence on the web and it remains one of the best. The coverage is thorough and it has got the Alex strip cartoon.
  • London Evening Standard. is famous for its London-centric view of the world.
  • The Times. May no longer thunder, but there is more news than average here.
  • Belfast Telegraph.
  • Fortnight. (Northern Irish political magazine).
  • Irish News.
  • Irish Times.


  • NewsPage. NewsPage is an American on-line wire service, which carries AP, Reuters and some US papers. It claims to filter over 600 sources. Basic level registration is free – but limited. Premium services are better and cost upwards of US$5.00 a month, but include the opportunity to register key words and have relevant articles sent to your e-mail address. Registration is needed.
  • Far Eastern Economic Review.
  • Singapore Straits Times.