Summer Institute in Economic Geography 2014


The next meeting will be hosted by the Department of Human Geography at the Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt am Main, 20-26 July, 2014.

Featured speakers

Brett Christophers

Brett Christophers
Associate Professor of Geography, Institute for Housing and Urban Research
Uppsala University, Sweden
Susan Christopherson

Susan Christopherson
Professor of City and Regional Planning
Cornell University, USA


Mark Lorenzen
Professor of Business Economics
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Katherine Rankin Katharine Rankin
Associate Professor of Geography, Program in Planning
University of Toronto, Canada

Marion Werner

Marion Werner
Assistant Professor of Geography
University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA



  • Department of Human Geography, Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt am Main
  • Economic Geography
  • Sage Publications


The event is open to early career researchers in economic geography (doctoral students at or beyond the fieldwork stage; postdoctoral researchers in universities, think tanks and research institutes; and lecturers or tenure-track faculty within the first three years of appointment).

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