EGRG Symposia 2006

Annual Symposia 2006

University of Cambridge

Thursday 20 – Friday 21 April 2006

Postgraduate Symposium

This one-day symposium provides an opportunity for postgraduates to share reflections on recent, present, and future research as well as learn from one another’s diverse experiences in an informal environment. We encourage participation from students at all stages of their research.

The principal theme of the postgraduate symposium this year was ‘economic inequality’, a precursor to the main EGRG conference, and an opportunity to contribute to this debate. The symposium was organised into three sessions. Papers were invited on any interpretation of economic inequality, especially those papers that challenge current conceptions or are working at the frontiers of this area. The secondary theme for the symposium stressed methodological approaches in geographical research. Papers detailing innovative research practices in economic geography were particularly encouraged. Finally, an open session entitled Research Frontiers in Economic Geography was arranged for those wishing to participate without work specifically addressing the two themes above, but which still addressed some aspect of economic geography.

Annual Symposium