EGRG Symposia 2009

Postgraduate Symposium 2009

Queen Mary, University of London (Wednesday 6th May)

Session One: Economic geographies of environmental change

Alexia Rogers-Wright, University of Hull. Adaptation to floods: Sustainability through flexibility
Carl Lewis, University of Hull. The New ecology of risk: flood risk mitigation and economic development on the Humber Estuary

Session Two: Economic geographies of post-socialist transition

Adam Novak, University of Nottingham. East-East aid in the transformation of the post-socialist countries
Helen Lowther, Newcastle University. Polish Migration to the NorthEast of England: Social capital and integration
Piotr Niewiadomski, Manchester University. Different forms of expansion of international hotel groups and the processes of regional development in Central and Eastern Europe

Session Three: Economic geographies of work and finance

Yajing Li, Queen Mary, University of London. A tale of two cities: London and Beijing. A Chinese bank in the City of London
Rachel Mulhall, Birmingham University. Organizational resilience and adaptation in a time of climatic and financial stress
Sejeong Ha, LSE. Residential tenure and labour market outcomes

Annual Symposium

Reflections on the Spaces of Economy and Society Twenty Years after the Collapse of State Socialism

Thursday 7th May

Judit Timár, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Adrian Smith, Queen Mary, University of London. Introduction: Spaces of postsocialism twenty years on
John Pickles, University of North Carolina. The spirit of postsocialism: common spaces and the production of diversity
Simon Reid-Henry, Queen Mary, University of London. Post-Soviet Socialism: twenty years of experimentation in Cuba.
Stefan Bouzarovski, University of Birmingham. Entangled boundaries, scales and trajectories of change: post-communist energy reforms in critical perspective
Vlad Mykhnenko and Adam Swain, University of Nottingham. Facing the global economic crisis: Ukraine’s uneven development and regional trajectories, 1990-2009
John Round, University of Birmingham. The social costs of ‘transition’: Everyday life in post Soviet Russia and Ukraine
Alison Stenning, University of Newcastle. We are all post-socialist now! The UK economy and the transformation of east central Europe