RGS-IBG 2009

RGS/IBG Annual Conference

2009 Manchester

26-28th August 2009
As usual, the EGRG is sponsoring and co-sponsoring a wide range of sessions at this year’s meeting in Manchester. Session details are below. However, there are many other sessions with an economic geography ‘flavour’ on the programme, including a panel discussion on the 2009 World Development Report.

Wednesday 27th August

  • The Rise of China and its Implications for the Developed World (4 sessions)
  • Boom, Crunch, Ouch: Exploring Possibilities in the Spaces of Financial Disruption (2 sessions)
  • Retail and the City: The Urban Geographies of Retailing (2 sessions)

Thursday 28th August

  • Follow the Things: New Cultural/Economic Geographies (3 sessions)
  • Geographies of Expertise and Experts (3 sessions)

Friday 29th August

  • Geographical Perspectives on International Labour Migration (2 sessions)
  • Governing Temptation: The Emerging Geographies of Soft Paternalism (1 session)
  • Acknowledging Ethical Economies (1 session)

Please note that the EGRG AGM will also be taking place during the lunchtime slot on Thursday 28th August (room 1.219).