EGRG Symposium 2002

Postgraduate Annual Symposium 2002

University of Nottingham


Session 1

New forms of trade union activities in the context of labour market restructuring. Jane Holgate (Queen Mary, University of London).
Ethical investors and the social economy. Martin Buttle (University of Birmingham).
Rules, risks and rebels: investment banking in the City of London. Sarah Hall (Universtiy of Bristol).
Life before Birth: a geography of single pregnant women. Rachel Murphy (University of Nottingham).

Session 2

Pathways to integration’: tackling social exclusion on Merseyside – Exploring the role of children in local regeneration’. Sarah Brennan (University of Liverpool).
The geography of call centres. Julian Clarke (University of Nottingham).
Rethinking the economic through geographies of mutual aid’. Richard White (University of Leicester).
The implosion of the U.S energy sector: The crisis surrounding the collapse of Enron and other energy traders’. Mike LaBelle (University of Bristol).