EGRG Symposium 2001

EGRG Postgraduate Symposium 2001

Newcastle University



Session 1: The Information and Communication Technologies and Regional Development

The Rise of the Information Society and the Consequences for Regions in Europe. Patrick Collins (University of Hull).
Telephone Call Centres and the Financial Services Industry. Julian Clarke (University of Nottingham).
Guidelines for Integrating E-commerce with Multimedia Content and Physical Environments. Thomas Adelaar (Telematica Institut Netherlands).

Session 2: The Institutions, Governance and Local and Regional Development

A New Approach to Regeneration? Reflections on the New Deal for Communities in Newcastle. Lorna Dargan (University of Newcastle).
Business Associations: Representation and Regional Governance. Liz Dixon (University of Newcastle)
Organised Labour at the Regional Level: Analysis of the Opportunities and Challenges. Peter O’Brien (University of Newcastle).
Image, Representations and Governance in Inward Investment Promotion. Martin Bickl (University of Durham).

Session 3: The Knowledge, Universities and Innovation in Regional Development

Institutional Capacity in the Less Favoured Regions. Kati-Jasmin Kosonen (University of Tampere, Finland).
Challenge for the Role of Universities in Regional Development. Fumi Kitagawa (University of Birmingham).
Sequences of Innovation: Novel Approaches to New Regionalism in the Periphery. Paul Benneworth (University of Newcastle).

Session 4: The Researching Networks

The Geographies of UK High Tech Sector Investment’. Andrew Walker (University of Birmingham).
Networking Methodologies: Media Industries in Manchester’. Jennifer Johns (University of Manchester).