EGRG Symposia 2007

Annual Symposia 2007

University of Sussex

6th-7th June

Postgraduate Symposium – Economic geographies of globalization and its impacts

Wednesday 6th June

The first day was devoted to short presentations by research students.

Chairs and discussants:
Mia Gray (University of Cambridge).
Adam Swain (University of Nottingham).

Session A

Fidelma Murphy
(National University of Ireland)
Internationally segmented labour markets and the automobile components industry – the effects of spatialisation on capital-labour labour relations in the US and Mexico
Rodrigo Alegería
(London School of Economics)
The location of MNEs in the UK: sectoraland functional agglomeration
Guldem Ozatagan
(University of Sussex)
Inter-firm relations and innovation in Global Production Networks: a comparison of Turkish and Polish auto-components clusters
Paula Hamilton
(Queen Mary University of London)
Logistics providers and production networks: a case study of DHL Exel supply chain in the automotive sector
Christian Sellar
(University of Sussex)
Towards a local model for theinternationalization of Italian firms in Eastern internationalization of Italian firms in Eastern Europe
Adrian Duhalt
(University of Sussex)
Public petrochemical industry in Mexico: economic drivers and current performance

Session B

Paul Sissons
(University College London)
The longer-term impacts of deindustrialisation in the Northumberland coalfield and the Monongahela Valley steel towns
Filipe Lage de Sousa
(London School of Economics)
Regional disparities of industry wages, transport costs and trade shocks
José M. Roche Reyna
(University of Sussex)
A multidimensional approach to social inequality and its determinants: distance and social exclusion in Venezuela
Thomas Hastings
(University of Aberdeen)
Labour, agency and social reproduction: the case of call centres
Mirela Barbu
(University of Sussex)
Resisting the ‘Third Way’: the End of the Italian ‘Old Deal’ and possible lessons for Romania

Annual Symposium

Global commodity chains, global value chains and global production networks: governance and development

Thursday 7th June

Session A

Chair: Mick Dunford (University of Sussex)

Neil Coe
(University of Manchester)
Global Production Networks: the developing research agenda
John Humphrey
(University of Sussex)
Governance in global value chains OR governance outside of global value chains

Session B

Chair: Mia Gray (University of Cambridge)

Stephanie Barrientos
(University of Sussex)
Do workers benefit from ethical trade? Codes of labour practice in global production systems
Alex Hughes
(University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
Ethical consumption, global value chains, ethical consumption, global value chains, and knowledgeable spaces of responsible and knowledgeable spaces of responsible governance

Session C

Chair: Adam Swain (University of Nottingham).

Adrian Smith
(Queen Mary University of London)
Global value chains, De-localisation and the uneven upgrading of the east european clothing industry
Suzy Reimer
(University of Southampton)
Geographers and commodities