EGRG Symposium 2003

Annual Symposium 2003

University of Hull


Session 1: Cities, Regions and Governance in the Information Age

Chaired by Professor Graham Haughton

Rethinking the local development mechanism discourse-what are the missing actors and missing analysis of learning policy-networking?. Shiuh-Shen Chein (Crison) (Department of Geography, London School of Economics).
Transnationalisation of European Governance: The role of TeleCities. Andrew Hewitson (Department of Geography, University of Hull).
Ireland’s love affair with the Information Society: The Celtic-Cyber-Tiger and the rise of regional divergence. Patrick Collins (Department of Geography, University of Hull).

Session 2: Banking and Investment

Chaired by Dr. Andy Jonas

Inside a Charity Bank: an ethnographic account of risk, ordering and performing a socio-financial narrative. Martin Buttle (Department of Geography, University of Birmingham).
What are the critical determinants of successful investor-investee relationships in UK private equity?. Paul Search (Birkbeck College, University of London).

Session 3: Knowledge, Production and Social Economy

Chaired by Professor Dave Gibbs

Geographies of knowledge production in producer service firms: the role of world cities. James R Faulconbridge (Department of Geography, Loughborough University).
An ethnographic account of contact/call centre training programme in Nottingham. Julian Clarke (Department of Geography, University of Nottingham).
The contribution of the community co-operatives of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the development of the social economy. Mike Gordon (Department of Geography, University of Sheffield).

Session 4: Regional Development and the Environment

Chaired by Dr. Derek Spooner

European Environmental Governance: ‘Partnerships’ for ‘Participation’ the English regions’ changing relationship with the European Union. Liza Griffin (School of Geography and Environment, Oxford University).
Integrating economy and environment: the potential role of eco-industrial development. Amy Proctor, Department of Geography. University of Hull).