RGS-IBG 2010

RGS/IBG Annual Conference

2010 London

28 August to 3 September.

As usual, the EGRG sponsored and co-sponsored a wide range of sessions at this year’s meeting in London. Session details are below. However, there are many other sessions with an economic geography ‘flavour’ on the programme. An important highight was the launch of the new EGRG book ‘The Economic Geography of the UK’. All proceeds from the book go to the EGRG.

EGRG sponsored

  • The geography of creativity and its links to local development: issues and challenges. (3 sessions)
  • The economic geography and management science interface: building opportunities for knowledge sharing? (3 sessions)
  • Book Launch Panel – ‘The Economic Geography of the UK’

Joint sponsored

  • Global Production Networks, Labour and Development. (3 sessions)
  • Theorising the production and reproduction of city economies. EGRG and UGRG (2 sessions)
  • Migration and migrants in a time of crisis and thereafter: economic repercussions, strategies to cope and beyond. EGRG and PGRG. (1 session)